Emporia Recycling Center participates in America Recycles Day

Saturday, Nov. 16 is America Recycles Day, in case you didn't know. The Emporia Recycling Center was taking in extra materials throughout the day, processing the things people typically just throw away.

The recycling center had some help from volunteers from the Natural Resources Advisory Board. Chair of the Board Sarah Wyrick says it's important to participate in a day like this.

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Over a 6-month period, in total, the recycling center processed 2,020 tons of materials, selling that for about $95,000. Cardboard is their biggest seller, earning almost $40,000 from it in the first half of the year.

Within a year, the city of Emporia will start a single-stream curbside pickup program. This means you won't have to sort your recyclables; you can mix your newspapers in with glass and plastic bottles in one container, and the city will pick it up.

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