Health Center-Health Department receives grant for expanded care facility in Eureka

U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced today that the Flint Hills Community Health Center-Lyon County Health Department has received a grant from the Affordable Care Act for $877,500. These funds will go toward expanding access to care in Greenwood County.

Health Center-Health Department CEO Phillip Davis says they wrote this grant back in April, and the new funds will go toward a satellite health facility in Eureka.

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Greenwood County Hospital has a new interim CEO in place, and Davis says he will be meeting with her soon to discuss plans for the future.

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The Health Center-Health Department currently provides care for the medically uninsured or underinsured, and for those with Medicare/Medicaid, on a sliding fee scale. Those same conditions will apply to the new facility in Eureka. Kansas health centers served over 156,000 patients last year; 50 percent of those are uninsured.

Davis says Greenwood County's health rankings are lower than Lyon County and other parts of Kansas.

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Davis will be meeting with the Health Center-Health Department Board of Directors to discuss future direction. He says the Lyon County services provided by the Health Center-Health Department will remain the same.

Nationwide, 236 health center programs will receive approximately $150 million in grant monies, to serve more than 1-and-a-quarter million additional patients.

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