Orman discusses issues, independent bid for governor

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Independent gubernatorial candidate Greg Orman discussed his campaign and his involvement in a centrist movement in American politics on KVOE's airwaves Wednesday.

Orman formally launched his bid to replace Sam Brownback and now Jeff Colyer just about a month ago. He says he's running as an independent in part because voters are increasingly dissatisfied with the current two-party system.

Orman says his main focus is jobs, and he says he's looking at that topic from several angles, including an aging population, education and potential growth sectors.

When it comes to education, he he focused less on the current funding formula issues and more on programs he believes would be successful.

Orman is now one of several independents running for governor and US Senate as part of Unite America, an effort to challenge the two-party system in place virtually since the nation began. Unite America's goal is to build a broad-based spectrum of voters, and Orman says being an independent frees him from using the "outdated playbooks" of Republicans and Democrats when it comes to policies and personnel.

This is Orman's second bid for high-profile political office. He ran as an independent against US Senator Pat Roberts in 2014 and gained better than 40 percent of the vote as a political newcomer.

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