Voter ID law challenge may head to federal court

A challenge to a state law requiring voters to show ID at the polls may be heading to federal court.

Secretary of State Kris Kobach would like that.

Kobach has asked the case be moved from Shawnee County District Court to the federal system because of concerns raised by the challenger, Wichita attorney Jim Lawing, on behalf of two Overbrook residents whose votes were not counted last fall because they didn't have a government-issued ID containing a photo.

Lawing, meanwhile, has filed a request to keep the case at the state level because it's the "closest forum to Kansas law."

Arthur Spry and Charles Hamner live in a retirement home without access to a computer, and Lawing said neither had the birth records to obtain a photo ID. Current state law says people can apply for what's called a State Voter Identification Document, but they must also apply for a certified birth certificate copy through the Kansas Office of Vital Statistics, receive a "no certificate letter" and then send a copy of that letter to the Secretary of State.

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