Emporia gas prices crack $3 barrier

Gas prices haven't been this low in some time.

Gas has finally cracked the $3 mark per gallon at several local pumps. It's the first time since January we have seen gas that low, and Kansas AAA Vice President Jim Hanni says the statewide average could go below $3 a gallon for the first time in nearly two years.

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Most stations in Emporia are between $2.93 and $2.99 a gallon, with a handful over $3.

Demand is slow because of a sluggish economy, supplies are high thanks to increased domestic production, cheaper winter blends are now in play and relative calm in the Middle East are all helping to push oil and gas prices lower. A peaceful hurricane season also helped.

With Kansas seeing the second-biggest drop in gas prices over the past month, Hanni expects the current trends to continue through the Thanksgiving travel period.

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