National Tooth-Brushing Day celebrated by Health Center-Health Department

Friday, Nov. 1 is National Tooth-Brushing Awareness Day, in case you didn't know. 

It's timing is perfect, coming the day after Halloween, and the Flint Hills Community Health Center-Lyon County Health Department decided to participate for the first time ever. 

23 staff members, including CEO Phillip Davis, brushed their teeth on the front lawn of the Health Center-Health Department for two minutes, while Dental Clinic Director Dr. Daniel Nelson explained the importance of proper dental care.

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Nelson says it's important to get started on good dental habits early. Cavities are the number one disease in young children. There are multiple choices for parents wanting to get their children into good dental hygiene, including videos and songs about brushing your teeth.

Health Center-Health Department Dental Manager Dr. Lyn Blubaugh says a mundane task such as brushing your teeth can be fun.

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The Health Center-Health Department will be participating in next year's event. CEO Phillip Davis is (not seriously) considering putting a staffer out in a toothbrush costume to promote it.

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