Active shooter options discussed

A school child hasn't died in a fire in 50 years, but fire drills are far more prevalent across the country than active shooter drills -- even with the increasing number of deaths and injuries from school shootings the past 15 years.

Emporia State University hosted a special active shooter lecture Tuesday featuring Lyon County Detective Travis Mishler, who says it's important to have this discussion.

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University Emergency Manager Carrie Boettcher says active shooter situations have been a focal point for the Board of Regents for several years. The goal is to have similar training sessions regularly.

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The university sends alerts to students, faculty and staff through its BRAVE system. Boettcher says law enforcement would likely determine whether a partial or full campus shutdown would be needed.

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Mishler showed several videos, including a short video on the options available during an active shooter incident called "Run Hide Fight." Mishler says law enforcement used to hang back and wait for special weapons teams to handle active shooter situations, but the Columbine school shooting 15 years ago began to change that approach. Now, law enforcement send at least one team into an incident site to find the shooter and "neutralize" him if necessary.

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