Governor: Start planning for 50-year water vision

It could take a year for Gov. Sam Brownback to have a plan in front of him outlining the state's goals when it comes to water use.

Gov. Brownback wants planning to begin now for what he's calling a "50-year vision" for the state.

Brownback recently said the importance of water has again been emphasized with extreme drought, which appears to have been broken -- finally -- in the eastern half of the state but is still evident out west. He says water and the Kansas economy are linked, so he wants planning to begin now.

The governor is tasking the Kansas Water Office, Kansas Department of Agriculture, Kansas Water Authority and other agencies like the Kansas Department of Health and Environment and the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism to lead the planning. The new water vision should lead to more cooperation with communities, industries and residents to ensure a reliable water supply.

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