Garage sale continues link between Historic Breckenridge Hotel, Humanitarian Center projects

Whether it was a set of lockers or a chalkboard, a tub, an oven or a brick from the original construction, residents could take those items home -- and more -- with the Historic Breckenridge Hotel and Convention Center garage sale Saturday.

EHS Historic Building Group LLC co-founder John Mallon credited group member Debbie Ash for the idea to let the community have access to some of the items linked to the former Lowther North building plus take tours of the space to be renovated over the next year-plus.

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Proceeds benefit the Humanitarian Center, once known as Lowther South, and Mallon says several renovations are pending IRS approval of 501(c)3 status.

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The Humanitarian Center recently had a business sign installed out front and a fountain outside the front entrance is nearly complete.

Meanwhile, hotel construction should begin next year. It now appears it could be early 2015 before the hotel is ready for occupancy.

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