'Cookout for a Cure' raises money for June Bug Foundation

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is rapidly coming to an end, and fundraising continues in several different veins for cancer-related efforts.

Navrat's has been marking the month throughout, giving residents the chance to buy pink ribbons or pumpkins to raise money for the June Bug Foundation through the Central Care Cancer Center. On Wednesday, the fundraiser was lunch -- including a hot dog, chips, pink lemonade and a pink iced cookie for a suggested $5 donation. Organizer Shalla Bennett says "Cookout for a Cure" is a fun way to raise money.

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Navrat's "Pinktober" means proceeds from all ribbon sales and a portion of other pink-colored item sales go to the June Bug Foundation, so it stays local. Bennett credited Navrat's executive Kent Schnakenberg for starting the push here after starting several similar initiatives elsewhere. The lunch raised over $260.

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