McAnarney focused on short-term city direction

Interim City Manager Mark McAnarney is working towards a smooth transition from the Matt Zimmerman administration into the future -- regardless of whom city commissioners pick as the next permanent city manager.

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McAnarney joined KVOE's Newsmaker segment to discuss the city's goals and objectives as well as his own once a new city manager is on board. McAnarney has been part of city government since the late 1980s, and he says this is a good time to discuss his future goals and objectives.

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City commissioners appointed McAnarney as interim city manager last week, following Zimmerman being named as city manager in Hazelwood, Mo., starting this upcoming weekend. Zimmerman will join KVOE's 8:05 am newscast Thursday before a farewell reception at White Auditorium Little Theater from 2 to 4 pm Thursday.

Commissioners will start looking for a new city manager in earnest early next year. They have not said how long it could take to bring a new city manager on board.

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