Tilford Conference presenter offers thoughts on student goals, diversity conversation

The speaker at the Michael Tilford Conference on Diversity and Multiculturalism says colleges and their students are using different language to express the same goals when it comes to a diverse, enriching college experience.

Tia McNair, the Association of American Colleges and Universities' senior director for student success, tells KVOE News colleges talk about "high impact practices" while students simply look for a relevant experience. The two, she says, are one and the same thing.

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McNair says most colleges and universities haven't started to make major changes in their teaching methods, but some have.

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McNair tells KVOE News the overall diversity conversation has changed over time. The current college-age generation is not seeing diversity matters the same way the civil rights generation does.

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The Tilford conference ended Tuesday and will be back next year. This is the first time the diversity conference has been at Emporia State in its 20-year history, and it's actually the first time the conference has been held somewhere other than the University of Kansas, Kansas State or Wichita State. Organizers are wanting to shuffle the conference to regional universities in future years.

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