Hunt for October Treasure prizes awarded

The KVOE-Kari's Diamonds Hunt for October Treasure is over.

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Juliet Hinrichs won the grand prize, a natural yellow diamond ring with white diamond accents worth over $3,000. She found her qualifying key at Peter Pan Park.

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Kari's Diamonds owner Kari Stookey thoroughly enjoyed the reveal Friday.

{wbty_audio audio_id="413" audio_title="Stookey: Like Christmas"}

KVOE General Manager Ron Thomas was pleased with how the promotion turned out.

{wbty_audio audio_id="414" audio_title="Thomas: Lot of fun"}

Area residents were told to join Kari's Facebook page for 10 clues to different locations where they could pick up keys if they were fast enough. Hinrichs won the grand prize, but all 10 keyholders won prizes ranging from a fragrance pot to watches to jewelry.

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