Salvation Army food pantry shelves being picked clean

Some shelves inside the Salvation Army food pantry are bare -- which means the 12th annual KVOE Drive for Food is coming at a good time for those in need.

During KVOE's Newsmaker segment Friday, Lt. Lynn Lopez said several items are seeing higher demand than others.

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Lopez says the demand is ongoing, with over 3,800 bags of food distributed so far this year.

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To join the effort and help those in need here locally, simply call KVOE at 342-1400 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Regardless, leave us your address -- and then leave your food donation at that address next Thursday morning. Staffers and volunteers will be by your location on the 24th to pick up your donation. You can also leave your donation at a host of drop-off points around Emporia.

Last year set a record with over 32,000 items collected. The goal is to make sure there is enough food on hand to be distributed at least through the winter months.

More information is available at KVOE.com.

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