Freeman confirms House run, Mast tentatively still in race

Coffey County resident Jeff Freeman has confirmed he is running for the 76th District House seat.

Freeman, a Republican, served in the House from 1984 to 1991. At the time, he was the representative for the 17th and 60th District seats. Freeman says he's running because "people don't talk to each other" despite most Kansans having the same goals for the state.

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The end to Freeman's first tenure was admittedly rocky. He won reelection in 1990 after he was arrested for speeding, impersonating an officer and deciding against taking a breathalyzer test as part of a traffic stop in Emporia.

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Freeman has spent the last 23 years -- up until July -- as a senior federal lobbyist for the National Rifle Association. Freeman says he is still an NRA member, but he retired to move back home and help care for his father, who is in a nursing home in Burlington.

Freeman is not anticipating a run against current Rep. Peggy Mast for a primary. Although Mast has not formally announced whether she is running for a 10th term, she now tells KVOE News she is tentatively planning to stay in office unless things change. 

Freeman joins Teresa Briggs, a longtime Republican, who became a Democrat early this year before announcing her run for the position a few weeks ago.

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