ALS challenge almost reaches match on first day; Fire Hose Challenge at 7 am Friday at KVOE

Preparations are all laid out for the first KVOE Fire Hose Challenge to benefit ALS bright and early Friday morning.

Emporia's Radio Stations owner Steve Sauder, a guest on KVOE's Morning Show this week and the driving force behind the event, says the idea developed quickly after Sunday's Ice Bucket Challenge at Riverside Gardens. He spoke shortly after a KVOE Talk of Emporia dedicated to ALS activities.

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Everybody is encouraged to come to 1420 C of E Drive at 7 am Friday to get drenched by Emporia firefighters, who will have a fire truck on hand. If you're participating or just coming to observe, you're asked to park in the Central Care Center parking lot across 12th Avenue.

The Fire Hose Challenge comes the day before the Walk to Defeat ALS, which begins at 8:30 am Saturday at Jones Park. On top of that, an anonymous local businessman has agreed to match new, separate donations if $5,000 can be generated through 5 pm Friday. Residents almost matched that within 24 hours, raising over $4,500 just Thursday. Longtime Walk to Defeat ALS organizer Gary Ace joined KVOE's Morning Show on Thursday:

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Call Ace at 342-9116 or 341-0386 to donate. You can also donate at the Fire Hose Challenge or drop off your donation at the KVOE studios.

Meanwhile, numerous local businesses and organizations have been holding Ice Bucket Challenges this week. Flint Hills Technical College doused about 65 administrators, teachers and students Thursday. President Dr. Dean Hollenbeck says fighting ALS is a worthy cause for the college.

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The Walk to Defeat ALS is at 8:30 am Saturday at Jones Park and also includes a silent auction.

The Ice Bucket Challenge has now generated well over $40 million for ALS research just since late last month.

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