Camp Alexander modifies bylaws, board policies

The Camp Alexander board has adjusted its bylaws and policies following ongoing discussions about the camp's financial picture.


The board revised policies on executive director duties, facility use, grant approval and expense approval and adding job descriptions. This follows recommendations from outgoing interim director Joel Dixon and AmeriCorps program director Sarah Shaw to make changes back in late June, and the move also follows the ongoing discussion about the camp's finances.

The camp's financial review and IRS Form 990 demonstrated a loss of nearly $46,000, with lower revenues from grants, camp attendance and other revenue streams contributing to a $36,000 shortfall. Salaries, benefits and other compensation increased $26,000, including a $14,000 bump to former director Damon Leiss after what McCracken calls a clerical error. The salary increase also comes when payroll taxes dipped $28,000. Other expenses, though, dipped over $40,000.

Board chair Brian McCracken has said there is no evidence grant funds were commingled in ways not approved by donors, a concern Shaw raised in June. McCracken has also said there was no evidence of any embezzlement or other financial wrongdoing at the camp.

The camp has secured over $17,000 in anonymous donations over the past two weeks, but it has also lost support from several charitable groups. The Hopkins Foundation and United Way of the Flint Hills have either suspended or withdrawn funds. The Jones Foundation has put additional conditions on grant requests, while the Emporia Community Foundation is putting greater emphasis on reviewing requests for donor-advised funds. The Kansas Volunteer Commission, which administered a nearly AmeriCorps grant when it was approved last summer, has requested the camp's financial records.

Shaw and Dixon are both headed to Portland, Ore., for positions. Maintenance supervisor Lance Claibourn has not detailed his upcoming plans. All three were supposed to be let go Aug. 18.

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