Buck, Rumble and Roll, mutton bustin' highlight Monday at Fair as Blackhawk performs Tuesday

The Lyon County Fair had a pair of favorites as the featured events Monday night.

Cowboys from around the area participated in the Buck, Rumble and Roll. They were kept safe by barrel man Sean "Boom Boom" Thompson.

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Rodeo announce Troy Goodridge says Buck, Rumble and Roll is one of the best rodeo events in Kansas because of the combination of riders and bulls. He focuses on getting the audience to know the riders.

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There were two qualified rides. Cody Hunsberger of Yates Center won with 82 points, followed by Lucas Dick of Cheney with 73.

Meanwhile, there was a full field of youngsters participating in the annual mutton bustin' contest. Five-year-old Billie Youngblood said she wasn't all that fond of the event, but she takes part a lot. She does very well, as she and her mom, Michelle Browning, will tell you.

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Jeana Jo Jacobucci of Derby stayed up the longest at 4.65 seconds, followed by Marlee Gant of White City at 4.64 and Wyatt Miser of Emporia at 4.06.

Activities go from rodeo to music Tuesday as Blackhawk comes to town. Promoter Travis Hitt, KVOE Morning Show guest Monday, said the show will benefit local 4H programs.

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Tickets are now $25 and available at Sutherlands, although you can also get in by using two Lyon County Fair tickets. The concert starts at 8 pm with Emporia native Ricky Fugitt opening.

Speaking of fundraising, the first-ever 4H Family Fun Night did very well Aug. 3. Lyon County 4H agent Corinne Patterson:

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Proceeds for 4H will go to programs, with the Anderson Building funds helping to build matching money for functional improvements as the building is expanded and renovated starting shortly before Christmas.

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