FHTC closing in on scholarship goal

Early this year, Flint Hills Technical College announced it was looking to create 50 new scholarships before the year was out. Now it may be planning to create more than that.

At Monday's Board of Trustees meeting, Foundation Director Mike Crouch said 40 scholarships have been established, which means nearly 10 scholarships have been finalized over the past month.

Should the college reach 50 scholarships in this, the college's 50th year, an anonymous company will donate $50,000 for more scholarships -- and Crouch says the push to create even more scholarship funding will continue through the end of the year.

Crouch is joining the KVOE Morning Show at 8:15 am with more details.

In other business, board members discussed the next round of strategic planning to take the college through the rest of the decade. Rachael LeClear tells KVOE News there are some concerns going forward. The biggest one? Doing more with less.

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LeClear says there are "good" challenges, including the ongoing space crunch at the main facility, 3301 West 18th, and at the Humanitarian Center downtown.

The current plan ends in 2015. Work will begin over the coming months to dovetail the current plan into a new plan at some point that year.

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