Lyon County budget ready for approval

It's not official yet, but the 2015 Lyon County budget should include a two-mil decrease for county residents.


County Controller Dan Williams says the county is benefiting from a second straight year of increased valuation, thanks largely to the Westar energy peaking plant near Reading, and it's trimming the levy despite one massive new increase: the consolidated dispatch department.

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In addition, Williams says the rules for sending sales tax revenues to the general fund and thus reducing the levy amount have changed this year, with sales tax proceeds going instead to the multi-year capital outlay fund. This removes close to $1 million from the pot which would have resulted in a levy decrease of over four mils had last year's rules still been in effect.

Last year, county commissioners were able to provide a seven-mil cut to the levy, dropping it to 56.5 mils.

County commissioners approved the budget for publication purposes during their action meeting Thursday. This means the budget could be formally approved at their Aug. 21 meeting.

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