Howe farmstead documentary to be shown at the Granada on Oct. 15

A home-grown documentary will be airing at the Granada Theatre on Tuesday, Oct. 15.

The movie, "A Welsh Farmstead," begins at 7 pm, and chronicles the life and times of the Howe family from Wales who built a sod house in rural Kansas, later to become Lyon County and the city of Emporia.

Dr. Steve Hanschu, instructor at ESU Libraries, was on the Talk of Emporia earlier in October, discussing the history behind the film.

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Richard Howe and his wife, Sarah, came from Wales to Canada, and made their way eventually to Kansas, where they settled in 1858. The house has been a family heirloom since that time, and was owned by the Howe family up until 1970, when it was willed by a granddaughter to the Lyon County Historical Society.

At the time, Howe was the first Welsh family to settle in the area, but others soon followed suit. A small community of Welsh immigrants formed, setting up church services and local industrial services.

Festivities for the evening start at 6:30 pm, with Welsh delicacies on hand. Assistant Director for the Center for Great Plains Studies, Susan Brinkman, says there are more activities planned than just the film.

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The film was produced in collaboration with the Center for Great Plains Studies, Emporia State University, and the Flint Hills Technical College.

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