Open for business: Normal operations resume at Animal Shelter

Emporia Animal Shelter officials believe the worst is behind them, reopening the shelter to normal dog intake and adoption procedures Monday after a distemper outbreak led to the deaths of over 60 dogs the past seven-plus months.

Animal Shelter officer Ethan Schneider says it's a good thing the shelter operations are back to normal.

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Dogs at the shelter started getting sick in late February and early March after several strays from north Lyon County were brought in. Sickness hit the shelter in several rounds despite waves of bleaching treatments to eradicate the problem.

Distemper was suspected for several weeks but not confirmed untl about three weeks ago. Animal Shelter officials say dogs evidenced no signs of illness over the past week or so and decided it was fine to resume normal operations in full.

Schneider tells KVOE News the shelter is full, especially after around 10 dogs staying recently at a temporary intake facility at the Lyon County Fairgrounds were brought back onsite over the weekend.

For information on adoptions, call 340-6345.

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