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Feel Good Friday: Friends surprise local family with home renovation

Kristen Doty and her family received quite the surprise last weekend, when they returned from a day trip to Kansas City to find a bunch of people in their garage...

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The setup is far from sinister. Lane Doty is an Emporia Police officer and Military Policeman currently serving a year-long tour overseas. This leaves Kristen and three boys without a father and husband for the time being. Deputy and family friend Jacob Welsh has been helping the family out for awhile now.

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This lightbulb moment led to Welsh creating a private Facebook group, and inviting a few folks to help with some odd-and-in home improvement projects. He says there was a few items on the to-do list.

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At 11am last Friday, the group of about 30 went to work, and finished up by 8pm the following day -- just in time for Kristen and the boys to get home. Doty, as Welsh correctly predicted, was a bit misty-eyed.

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Doty says she's received a ton of help from friends and neighbors ever since her husband left for his year-long tour.

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Needless to say, Doty was a bit taken back by the friendship and compassion displayed that day. But, she says she'll pass it on.

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