Salvation Army's Food Pantry is critically low; Drive for Food coming on Oct. 24

The Salvation Army Food Pantry is "slim pickins'" right now, according to Lt. Lynn Lopez.

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Lopez says that the need for food never really slows down, but due to recent economic and political turmoil, it's picked up speed.

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KVOE will be partnering with the Salvation Army for their 12th annual Drive for Food on Oct. 24. You can sign up by Oct. 23: just give KVOE your address, and on the morning on the 24th, we will come by to pick it up and take it to the Salvation Army's Emporia location at 327 Constitution.

For more information about the Drive for Food, go online to KVOE.com, or call the Salvation Army in Emporia at 342-3093.

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