Feel Good Friday: Bowyer supports SAFE program with donation, PSA, example

Emporia native and NASCAR superstar Clint Bowyer is known not just for his consistency on the track. He's also well known for his generosity, with his 79 Fund constantly giving money for various projects.

And one of Bowyer's bigger gifts may not be in terms of dollars spent but in lives saved.

While in town last week, Bowyer filmed a PSA for the Seat belts Are For Everyone, or SAFE, program -- an effort he has supported the past few years. Bowyer says his dedication to seat belt use was driven first by his parents' towing business, then his racing career.

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Undersheriff John Koelsch says the program gets young drivers -- those in high school -- to voluntarily commit to using their seat belts. All four of Lyon County's districts are now involved, and Koelsch tells KVOE News seat belt use has shot up the past few years.

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Students can receive a VISA card for following through, but they can also get ticketed if they don't. SAFE state coordinator Laura Moore says having Bowyer's backing, especially because of his racing career, is invaluable.

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Bowyer acknowledges the driving landscape has changed, especially for young drivers...

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...but he says he's always willing to lend a hand so future drivers can be safe drivers.

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