Freeman facing ethics complaint; Wolf under investigation by Board of Healing Arts

Jeff Freeman, the LeRoy man hoping to unseat House 76th District incumbent Peggy Mast in the Republican primary, is now facing a complaint to be filed with the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission.


The Kansas State Council of Fire Fighters is working on a complaint because of allegedly deceptive advertising after Freeman ran ads saying he has the group's endorsement when council president Bob Wing says he doesn't -- and won't.

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Freeman has not returned a phone call seeking comment, but he has the alleged endorsement posted on his website, www.jefffreemanforkansas.com. After he was charged earlier this month with transporting an open alcohol container, a charge Freeman has denied, he made a similar statement during a visit to KVOE News.

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Freeman has an appearance Aug. 14 in Burlington Municipal Court.

Freeman also received a six-month suspended sentence and 12 months probation after a disorderly conduct conviction in Fairfax County, Va., last year. Back in 1990, he was also arrested for speeding, impersonating an officer and deciding against taking a breathalyzer test.

Freeman served in the House from 1984 to 1991 and is running against incumbent Peggy Mast in the primary. The two candidates have agreed to be on KVOE's Candidate Forum on July 31. The winner faces Democrat Teresa Briggs and independent Bill Otto, both former Republicans, in the general election Nov. 4.

Board of Healing Arts opens investigation into Wolf social media posts

Meanwhile, in other political news, the Kansas Board of Healing Arts is investigating U.S. Senate candidate Milton Wolf for his posting of X-ray images of fatal gunshot wounds and other medical injuries on his personal Facebook account.

Wolf acknowledged posting the images a few years ago along with commentary and has since apologized.

Wolf and Alvin Zahnter are both trying to defeat three-term Senator Pat Roberts in the Aug. 5 primary.

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