Homegrown celebrates market, partnerships

The Farmers Market parking lot was a happening place for the annual Homegrown Celebration.


The event features the abundance of produce this time of year, and market manager Tracy Simmons says farmers have been rewarded this year after three years of drought.

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The event also highlights the partnership between the market and ESB Financial. Bank vice president Karen Sommers cherishes the partnership. 

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Lots of fresh produce was available, and once again watermelon contests were a big draw. For the seed spitting contest, Max Schwerdtfeger was first, followed by Chris Williams and Rebekah Charboneau. For the rolling contest, Grayson Combes was the winner, with Mason Williams second and Russell Kern third. Calvin Seeley won the eating contest, followed by Madilynn Rodriguez and Alexa Shively.

There was also a carving contest. Sherry Moore won the judges' choice award and a $100 Arts Center gift certificate. Mandy Kern was the people's choice winner, claiming at $50 Chamber of Commerce gift certificate.

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