Brownback insists he has right approach for Kansas during Emporia stop

National media outlets are starting to pound Gov. Sam Brownback for his policies on income taxes and how they believe the state is trending as a result.


The Kansas City Star, New York Times and Washington Post are some of the outlets sharply criticizing the governor even before it was announced the state was about $330 million short of tax collection expectations for the fiscal year ending in June and over $700 million below what the state collected for fiscal 2013.

At a stop in Emporia on Friday to congratulate Hostess and civic leadership on the company's latest expansion projects, Brownback maintained his approach is the right one for Kansas.

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Brownback says Kansas is spending more on education and also has more teachers now than ever, despite criticism per-student dollars are below where they were 10 years ago. He also says Kansas is enjoying employment growth and is among the leaders in new construction. Critics say Kansas' employment growth lags behind the Midwest.

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Brownback faces Wichita businesswoman Jennifer Winn in the primary, but all eyes are on potential matchup between him and Democrat Paul Davis, the House Minority Leader, this fall. Davis, meanwhile, is stopping in Emporia on Sunday at the Lyon County Democrats' annual fundraising picnic at 5 pm at the Emporia Senior Center.

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