Shelter almost ready to resume normal operations

By Monday, the Emporia Animal Shelter should be resuming normal operations.

The shelter has been closed at the tail end of a distemper outbreak, with dog adoptions on hold and intake of strays handled at the Lyon County Fairgrounds.

During KVOE's 8:05 am newscast Friday, shelter manager Peggy Derrick said 10 dogs are coming back to the shelter Friday.

Dogs began getting sick in late February and early March after some strays from northwest Lyon County came to the shelter. Over 60 dogs either died or had to be put down through late last month, shortly before distemper was confirmed at the facility.

Derrick says dogs are quarantined for three weeks and the current list of dogs is symptom-free, so she "feels confident" the dogs now are healthy and ready for adoption.

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Derrick also tells KVOE News there will be some minor changes in operation to make sure this doesn't happen again.

Future goals include a separate intake facility, but Emporia Police Lt. Jim Tilton says it may be cost-prohibitive to add that.

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The Animal Shelter is partnering with the Humane Society to add volunteers to help with operations.

For information about the Animal Shelter, or call 340-6345.

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