Careless fireworks storage causes house fire in west Emporia

This holiday weekend, area residents are getting a painful object lesson in the dangers of not properly disposing of fireworks or other flaming materials.


Firefighters were toned out to 2922 Sutton around 6 pm Saturday after fire developed on the outside of a house. Acting officer Ben Lienemann tells KVOE News fireworks from Friday night were put into a plastic trash can and allowed to smolder overnight. The resulting fire damaged some siding and a window sill.

Nobody was hurt. Belinda Tabares is the homeowner.

The Sutton Street fire followed a similar fire at 1519 Watson, where smoking materials were not properly handled before fire damaged siding and forced firefighters to tear down a ceiling to ensure the fire was out. It also followed the destructive fire at Sterling House, where fireworks remnants were stored in a plastic trash can that was rolled up against the building. The resulting fire destroyed the central third of the building and heavily damaged the east end.

Firefighters urge residents to make sure smoking materials and fireworks remnants are doused with water to make sure fire is not a possibility.

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