Fireworks show lights up ESU campus

Thousands of people headed to Emporia State University to enjoy the city's annual fireworks show. And they had a lot to enjoy.

The Flint Hills Optimists shot off all sizes of fireworks for over half an hour Friday night.

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This was the fifth straight year ESU has hosted the fireworks display, and a lot of folks from neighboring communities made the drive to Emporia. On that list was Isaac Hall of Olpe.

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Current Kansas City resident Blair Tucker was attending her second Emporia fireworks show. She tells KVOE News she was so impressed with last year's event she had to come back.

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Aside from one open alcohol container, there were no issues on campus. And aside from some pedestrians crossing streets where they shouldn't afterward, traffic was slow but smooth sailing. Police Sgt. Lisa Sage:

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The city of Emporia, Lyon County and Lyon County Attorney's Office funded the fireworks show this year.

In addition to the Emporia fireworks show, Lebo, Lyndon and Madison had fireworks shows Friday night. Gridley and Cottonwood Falls-Strong City are having fireworks shows Saturday.

Check KVOE.com for photos from the set-up, the tailgate atmosphere at ESU beforehand and the show itself. Also check KVOE-TV at KVOE.com later for a chance to see the fireworks show in case you missed it or want to see it again.

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