Fireworks Friday at ESU, Lebo, Lyndon, Madison

Last-minute preparations are well underway for Emporia's Fourth of July fireworks show Friday.

The Flint Hills Optimists have been stringing fireworks north of the ESU campus all day, while law enforcement is gearing up for a big crowd at several different locations on campus. Police Sgt. Lisa Sage says the traffic plan the last few years has worked well.

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The intersection of 18th and Merchant will not be allowed for coming onto campus or for leaving Friday. The Highland Street loop will be shut down as well until after the show.

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On-campus parking lots will be open for people Friday afternoon. Welch Stadium currently is set to open at 8 pm. Coolers will be allowed but alcohol and fireworks will not.

Also Friday, Lebo, Lyndon and Madison are having fireworks shows. Gridley and Cottonwood Falls-Strong City are having fireworks displays Saturday night.

KVOE will start traffic updates before the Emporia fireworks show at 7 pm Friday, with traffic updates also after the show. Watch the fireworks show on your home computer, smartphone, laptop or tablet as well. The live audio and video stream will start between 9:30 and 9:45 pm on KVOE-TV at KVOE.com.

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