RDA sets July 19 ribbon-cutting date for Hostess improvements

Hostess Brands continues to enhance its flagship production plant on the west side of Emporia, and with the latest round of improvements either completed or nearly so, the Regional Development Association has set 9 am July 18 for a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate.

RDA President Kent Heermann says Gov. Sam Brownback, Hostess executives and local officials will be on hand to help mark a new product line, which is now operating, and a 36,000 square-foot warehouse, which is closing in on completion. He also says this celebrates a year of growth at the Emporia plant.

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C. Dean Metropolous and Apollo Global took over the Hostess operations about 15 months ago after prior management liquidated the company. Employment is well above the estimate of 300 when Metropolous and Apollo Global named Emporia as the flagship production facility last summer.

Heermann says the ribbon-cutting will be a preview of Emporia's second annual Twinkie Fest at Flinthills Mall on July 19.

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