Davis/Docking ticket unveils economic plan, stops in Emporia during day-long tour

The Democratic ticket in this year's race for governor has announced their economic vision, and is receiving the help of two former Lt. Governors in formulating this plan.


Gubernatorial candidate Paul Davis made a stop in Emporia Monday, along with running mate Jill Docking, to have lunch with residents at Coach's and discuss the financial future of Kansas. Davis says the day's discussions are focusing on the growth of the Kansas economy.

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Within this year, Moody's Investor Service has downgraded the state's credit rating twice, revenues have dropped by more than $300 million, and the budget deficit has grown to $1.2 billion. Two former Lt. Governors and Secretaries of Commerce have been appointed as economic advisors to the Davis/Docking campaign: Democrat John Moore, and Republican Gary Sherrer. Sherrer, a graduate of Emporia State University and native Kansan, says he likes Davis' style of leadership.

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Sherrer says he's genuinely concerned with the state's fiscal outcome, and he says current leadership has been "fiscally irresponsible."

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Davis' running mate Jill Docking says she understands the problem coming from a background in the private sector.

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Docking says the thing that drives business-people crazy is a lack of consistency. She says the "swinging of the pendulum" is a bad idea from a business standpoint.

Davis said the first order of business upon taking office would be to appoint a bipartisan tax commission to review and advise on tax code accountability. Other items would be to get a handle on the $400 million property tax increase, and restore education funding to pre-recession levels, which would be about $4,300 per pupil.

Gov. Sam Brownback's campaign responded Monday, saying Davis has a history of "voting to raise sales taxes and income taxes, and voting against property tax relief."

Davis and Docking are running unopposed in the primary, coming up Aug. 5. The general election is Nov. 4.

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