KDHE, Panhandle Eastern representatives appearing before Lyon County Commission on Thursday

Cleanup is ramping up near Olpe after the natural gas condensate blowout around Roads 90 and "K" almost a week ago.

On KVOE's On-Air Chat on Wednesday, KDHE Communications Director Sara Belfry said the cleanup activities began in earnest Tuesday. The current observations have the condensate traveling about three miles north of the site, and Belfry told KVOE listeners there is quite a bit of vegetation damage near the blowout site.

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Further north, both the Municipal Airport and Emporia Golf Course, three miles away from the blowout, say they had some vehicles and windows with a thin condensate coating but cleanup happened quickly and there was no damage to their vegetation.

KDHE estimates about 1,300 gallons of condensate went into the atmosphere as workers were trying to clear out a line last Thursday. Belfry says Panhandle Eastern started calling officials at the local and state level almost immediately after the spill.

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Total cleanup may take two weeks, but Belfry now believes the vast majority of the cleanup may be done sometime next week. Representatives of KDHE and Panhandle Eastern will update Lyon County commissioners at 9 am Thursday in a public news conference at the County Courthouse.

Belfry also says folks who have had property affected by the spill should contact Panhandle Eastern at 800-275-7375. If you have questions about the materials involved or if you have noticed issues at your property, call the KDHE emergency spill hotline at 785-296-1679. If you have had medical issues, call your doctor.

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