KDOT announces plan to reduce number of deficient bridges

Cities and counties are urged to apply for a new KDOT program designed to reduce the number of deficient bridges across the state.


Transportation Secretary Mike King says the new $10 million program will provide up to $120,000 to local jurisdictions, mainly counties, to replace small bridges that are rated as deficient. The bridges must be 20 to 50 feet long and have a daily traffic count of less than 100 vehicles. Cities and counties must also provide a 10 percent match to be involved.

KDOT says there are about 20,000 bridges across the state, with 18 percent -- or 3,600 being rated as structurally deficient. Of those, about 1,800 to 1,900 would qualify for this program.

Lyon County has over 350 federal-classification bridges and another 38 low-water crossings. At last word, 14 are functionally obsolete, meaning they are structurally sound but are either too narrow for today's traffic or have some "geometric" issues, or are structurally deficient -- meaning they can only support a certain weight limit. Another 21 are listed as "fracture-critical," meaning if one major part of the bridge goes, the whole bridge is in danger of collapsing.

Applications will be accepted through mid-September. Project selections will be announced in October.

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