Heavy rain possible with Lightning Safety Awareness Week starting Monday

More rain appears likely by Sunday night across the KVOE listening area.


National Weather Service meteorologist Audra Hennecke says rain could be widespread and isolated flooding rain is possible. She also says more rain is possible for the upcoming week, although what she calls the "messy" forecast doesn't have the chances of widespread, heavy rain that we could see by Sunday night and through much of Monday.

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Speaking of Monday, that's when the Weather Service begins marking Lightning Safety Awareness Week. The Weather Service has used a theme of "When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors" in the past, and Hennecke says you have to stay in a safe location well after a storm leaves.

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So far this year, there have been seven lightning-related deaths across the country. Last year had 23. There were 27 deaths in 2012, including one at a family gathering in Coffey County.

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