Reverse transfer process for college students now approved statewide

A new system of recognizing transfer credits among the state's Regents schools is now in place across the state.


The Board of Regents formally approved the so-called reverse transfer process in March, but all 32 postsecondary schools are now on board. Emporia State President Dr. Michael Shonrock calls this an exciting step for students across the state.

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Colleges and universities will notify their students planning to transfer coursework from community or technical colleges if they are eligible and, if so, what courses they need to take to finish their degrees. Students completing that coursework for associate's degrees will receive that degree and also have those credits transferred to their new university.

The Regents say this will help facilitate transfers, enhance learning options and provide a seamless transfer process. Flint Hills Technical College President Dr. Dean Hollenbeck agrees.

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Kansas now joins 19 other states, including Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa and Missouri, who allow reverse transfer.

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