NRH, Mathis Physical Therapy enter agreement

Newman Regional Health and Mathis Physical Therapy have reached an agreement for inpatient and outpatient therapy services in several disciplines.


Mathis will now employ Newman occupational and speech therapists and support staff as of July 1. Mathis will also employ therapists, therapy assistants and aides from Hoover, Bachman and Associates after an agreement expires June 30 between that agency and Newman Regional Health.

NRH CEO Bob Wright says it's not a totally different contract in play.

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Wright says Mathis has particular expertise in managing these services at Critical Access hospitals -- something still brand-new for Newman Regional.

Mathis Physical Therapy had operated downtown for several years before moving to Flinthills Mall in 2007. That location will close as the operation is moved to the hospital's physical therapy building at 1024 West 12th.

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