Cleanup underway after early Father's Day windstorms

Cleanup continues after high winds swept through parts of the KVOE listening area early Sunday morning.


Damage wasn't readily apparent until the sun rose, revealing downed trees and even some structural damage, including a demolished storage barn in Olpe.

Nakita Elwood lives 8 miles south-southwest of Olpe; she says she slept through the thunderstorms which made a mess of her place.

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Power was knocked out for several rural residents, including Elwood, who was especially worried about the outage affecting her ostrich egg incubators. The incubators maintain a steady temperature and rotation of the eggs, which is crucial for breeding healthy ostriches. Power was restored within a few hours, and Elwood says her ostrich eggs -- as well as the live ostriches on her ranch -- are all fine.

Elwood's father lives a half-mile up the road from her; she says trees are down all over his property, including one laying on top of his house. It could be a few weeks before his property is cleared.

Beforehand, non-thunderstorm wind gusts of over 40 mph forced Symphony in the Flint Hills concertgoers to evacuate two large tents before the concert started near Rosalia. Still, over 7,000 people attended the concert involving the Kansas City Symphony.

Storm chances resume Wednesday night and stay with us through the upcoming weekend. Stay updated on KVOE and KVOE.com. Get instant alerts through KVOE's Twitter and Facebook pages. We'll have photos from the weekend damage up online at KVOE.com.

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