High winds damage trees, knock out power to rural residents early Sunday

A risk of severe weather failed to materialize for the KVOE listening area early Sunday, but storms still caused scattered problems.

High winds were a concern and actually developed well to our west, with 70 to 90 mph winds causing tree and power line damage in central Kansas. That line of storms lost their punch as they crossed the area, but rural Lyon County resident Nancy Gasche says gusty winds made a mess of her property between Olpe and Hartford.

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Other local residents in Olpe and Hartford reported trees snapped and a storage shed in Olpe was completely destroyed. The shed was empty at the time. Damage to tree limbs and other vegetation was widespread.

The area picked up more rainfall, with the KVOE studios receiving 0.70 inches of rain. The KVOE studios have now picked up over 8.2 inches of rain since May 23, when rain became an almost daily fixture in the weather forecast. Other parts of the KVOE listening area saw anywhere from 0.75 to 1.2 inches of rain Sunday.

Beforehand, non-thunderstorm wind gusts of over 40 mph forced Symphony in the Flint Hills concertgoers to evacuate two large tents before the concert started near Rosalia. Still, over 7,000 people attended the concert involving the Kansas City Symphony.

Additional thunderstorms are possible Sunday evening and Monday afternoon, with other storm chances Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

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KVOE News Director Chuck Samples contributed to this story.

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