NTHF inductees settle into Emporia for active week

A few exceptional teachers are in town for recognition this week.

The National Teachers Hall of Fame 2014 inductees have settled into Emporia for a week's worth of activities.

Wednesday, the inductees visited the Teachers Hall of Fame Museum and participate in a roundtable webinar.

Marguerite Izzo, a fifth-grade English and language arts and social studies teacher from Lynnbrook, N.Y., says it's been fabulous so far.

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Cindy Couchman, a math teacher at Buhler High School, says it's invigorating.

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Dr. Rebecca Palacios, a retired dual language elementary teacher from Corpus Christi, Texas, says it's rare to see such a historical appreciation for teachers.

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The other two teachers are:
*Gary Koppelman, a fifth-grade math, science and writing teacher from Blissfield, Mich.
*Jan Alderson, a science teacher at Shawnee Mission South High School.

Thursday, the inductees attend the formal dedication ceremonies for the Memorial to Fallen Educators at 2 pm. KVOE will carry the Memorial to Fallen Educators dedication ceremony live on 14 KVOE, with the live audio and video stream online at KVOE-TV on KVOE.com.

On Friday, a special conference will be held from 10 am to 4 pm -- also at Visser Hall -- to give more information about the Common Core teaching method. Following that, the five inductees will be honored during annual induction ceremonies at Emporia State University's Webb Hall. The banquet starts at 5:45pm Friday, with the actual ceremonies starting at 7:15pm. Before that, the inductees appear on KVOE's Talk of Emporia.

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