State mental health programs to receive monetary boost

Gov. Sam Brownback plans on making mental health services in the state stronger by almost $10 million.


During an announcement Tuesday, Gov. Brownback and members of his cabinet outlined plans to beef up mental health services, and include state law enforcement, corrections, and family welfare agencies. $7 million in reserve funds will come from the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program and go to "Family Strengthening Programs," designed to provide parents with mental illness with proper treatment.

Other funding in the broad plans include one-time payments of $1 million to community mental health centers to provide crisis services for the uninsured. Bill Persinger, director of the Mental Health Center of East Central Kansas, says he's pleased to see the state take a step forward, and that any incoming monies from the state would be used to target the most critical areas of the region.

Persinger says he does see a potential to correct a persistent problem.

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Persinger says increased access to medications and services will definitely help local regions.

Persinger will join the KVOE Morning Show at 8:15am Thursday to further discuss the state of mental health in Kansas.