Future land use map discussion continues

The discussion on the comprehensive plan and future land use map Tuesday during the Metropolitan Area Planning Commission's meeting.


Zoning enforcement officer Kevin Hanlin says this discussion is in the very early stages, and the commission now has to realign some areas for their potential use in the future.

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Board members started a thorough review of the land use map at their meeting last month with that document effectively staying constant the past several years. The land use map also came up for discussion as part of the talk surrounding a potential home improvement and grocery development at 24th and Industrial.

The Emporia city commission has the final say, and Hanlin said this could be a process stretching over several months, with commissioners not seeing it until possibly this fall. Last month commissioners got a lesson in comprehensive planning and zoning issues form Topeka attorney Jim Kaup. Comprehensive planning is not required by law, but rather encouraged.

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