Pre-construction work on John Redmond Reservoir dredging project continues

The Kansas Water Office continues its pre-construction work on the John Redmond Reservoir dredging project.


Last week, the KWO met with the Kansas Water Authority in Garden City, and gave an update on the project. KWO spokesperson Susan Metzger says one of the key updates was in funding.

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The bond is worth $20 million, and would be repaid in 15 years with a combination of funds from the state water plan and the water marketing program. Metzger said other updates included presenting documents and requests, which are required through the Army Corps of Engineers to actually do the dredging project.

This project is designed to add 17,000 acre-feet of storage to the reservoir. It also signals a new level of partnerships for government agencies at the state and federal level. This project is the first of its kind in the nation where a dredging project is led by a state agency, the Water Office, for a Corps of Engineers-owned lake.

Actual dredging could begin sometime next year, and another public meeting is slated for sometime late summer or early fall.


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