Audit results main topic during Health Center - Health Department meeting

This month's Board of Directors meeting for the Flint Hills Community Health Center - Lyon County Health Department was pretty cut-and-dry.


Board members reviewed the 2013 Audit, as presented by Christy Yoakum from accounting firm BKD. CEO Phillip Davis says it's a clean audit.

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The Health Center - Health Department has 117 days cash-on-hand, and shows a decrease in expenses with an increase in patient revenue from 2012 to 2013. There was one finding in regards to eligibility for sliding-fee patients; a few didn't meet the requirements, and Davis says they will make sure to meet those requirements and maintain good paperwork to keep good records.

The board also reviewed a staff privileging and credentialing policy. Davis says this fits with the 19 requirements set aside for health centers, and is meant to basically ensure that health center staff are who they say they are, and are properly qualified for their work.

The board also had a few executive sessions, during which a potential dental clinic at their Eureka facility was discussed. No action was taken. Davis said the Eureka site is proving very popular, with higher patient numbers from March to April.


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