EPD continues investigating business break-ins, Emporia High theft

Emporia Police investigators continue working on an alleged theft of drugs at Emporia High School and several business break-ins from the past few weeks.


In the business break-in and burglary case, Lt. Dave DeVries says a suspect has been identified but there is no word yet on whether the individual has been arrested. Fifteen local businesses were vandalized and burglarized on April 30 and May 1.

Meanwhile, the trail is growing colder after the Emporia High nurse's office was broken into on Easter morning and an unlisted quantity of drugs was taken out. DeVries says all leads in the case have been dead ends so far.

A description has not been released, but the suspect was videotaped walking the high school halls around the time of the burglary. If you have information, call Emporia Police at 343-4200 or Lyon County Crime Stoppers at 342-2273. A $1,000 cash reward is available for information leading to a conviction in this case.

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