Injuries to Overbrook road construction crewman prompt more calls for drivers to be safe in work zones

Safety for road construction workers is again being discussed after an Overbook man was hurt in a construction zone accident in Franklin County on Thursday.


The Kansas Highway Patrol says 62-year-old William VanDorn was in a construction zone, flagging traffic for a non-injury accident on Kansas Highway 68 near Ottawa, when he was hit by a pickup driven by 73-year-old William McNish of Ottawa shortly before 9:30 am. McNish apparently didn't see VanDorn.

VanDorn was taken to KU Med for treatment. The hospital has not released his condition. VanDorn was working for a private contractor.

State highway officials routinely tell drivers to watch for workers in construction zones. This month, the state has also been taking part in a Move Over America information campaign to highlight the need for giving construction workers extra attention while on the road.

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