Slater: Ending mortgage registration fee means $350,000 lost at county level

County officials across Kansas are not happy with changes to, and the eventual elimination of, the state's mortgage registration fee.


Gov. Sam Brownback signed changes into law this week changing how counties collect the fees, effectively ending the mortgage percentage fee over the next few years and increasing per-page fees as a short-term replacement before those also go away.

Lyon County Commissioner Dan Slater says this puts pressure on the county budget situation, especially with a second round of property tax abatements expected to end for the Westar Energy peak usage plant near Reading but not guaranteed to do so.

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Slater says Lyon County stands to lose about $300,000 initially with the gradual switch from a percentage fee to a per-page system, with about $350,000 in annual losses partially offset by between $50,000 and $60,000 in fees collected from the per-page system.

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