NRH CEO thanks staffers for work during National Hospital Week

Newman Regional Health has been marking National Hospital Week this week.


Hospital staffers had a picnic earlier this week, following the major recognition of the ESU-Newman Division of Nursing as among the nation's best and the Critical Access designation -- both coming over the past month. Newman Regional CEO Bob Wright joined KVOE's Morning Show on Friday to highlight the work of hospital staffers at large and to thank them for the work they do. Regarding the nursing program, he says plans are in the works to give those students even better training.

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Wright also discussed how Critical Access has changed hospital operations. One general change is Critical Access is forcing hospital staffers to find more efficiencies in how they operate. An example of that is moving the intensive care unit to the main surgical unit.

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The open house is May 29.

Newman Regional Health should benefit from Critical Access financially with millions of additional dollars coming in to reimburse Medicare inpatient and outpatient costs for hospitals in designated rural areas.

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