Citing demand and space issues, NRH adjusts cardiology maintenance program

As Newman Cardiology continues to field patients at a rate that's faster than expected, it is making an adjustment to its so-called maintenance program for patient already receiving treatment.

Director of Cardiopulmonary Services Karen Schell says patients can come to the hospital for two months after their procedure and then receiving up to 18 weeks of initial care.

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Originally, there was no limit from the hospital on how long patients could be part of the maintenance program. Schell says the burgeoning demand and resulting limits on space are forcing the change. She also says other hospitals have decided against maintenance programs for various reasons.

Some patients are not satisfied with that approach, including Lyon County resident Gary Watts.

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Watts says the program builds a sense of camaraderie among its patients.

NRH Cardiology has had over 100 procedures since opening in June, well ahead of its expected pace.

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